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TOXIC+ History

Toxic+ is Australian Magician - Ian Pidgeon's (the creator of the Magic Spider - My Pet Boris app) version of the popular TOXIC calculator force that has been in use by professional magicians since March 2017 and was approved by Apple for distribution to the public on the 14th July 2017.

Eight days earlier, Ellusionist.com released their version of "Cipher" with a similar premise but as a more basic "web app".

For a detailed time line of it's creative process visit this link.

The Bottom line:

TOXIC+ is not a copy of Cipher.

TOXIC+ is more full featured, robust and was created independently, well before Cipher was released.


What is the classic TOXIC force?

The TOXIC force is a classic number force using a smart phone calculator.

By entering the number you wish to force, then typing "+" then "0" then "x" then "(" (bracket) you can have the spectator multiply some numbers and the result will be the force number.

The "Toxic" Formula is basically adding "0" to the force number.

i.e. Force number + (0 x (the numbers entered by spectator))

There are a number of variations by Bob King, Richard Busch, Richard Osterlind and recently Shaun Farquar's TOXICO, Gerante Clarke's Non-TOXIC and very recently Ellusionist's Cipher.

TOXIC+ takes the TOXIC effect to a whole new level with the addition of Apple Watch, iPhone/iPad connectivity and speaking the entries to you via a Bluetooth earpiece and multiple forces not possible with any previous versions. Through the collaboration of it's USER Group it has continued to develop into a truly professional tool for mentalists and magicians alike.



TOXIC+ Instructions


  Setting your custom graphics (screenshots)

The first thing you will want to do is set up the graphics, (unless you prefer the one that comes with the app or course)

So grab your iPhone and take a couple of screenshots. (You may find it easier to read these instructions on your PC as you follow along on your iPhone.



Desktop image

1) Move your Calculator app icon to the right hand side of the second row and take a screen shot. This will be used as your "Start up screen".

Keypad/Calculator images

You can use a graphic of any calculator or create your own using Photoshop. Just make sure the keys are in the same locations as the one that comes preloaded with TOXIC+.

Decide which calculator app you want to use for the background images, and open it. Make sure the "AC" button is showing by clearing the display (press the "AC" or "C" key in portrait mode) and you have nothing in memory (press the "MC" key in landscape mode), then take a screen shot in both portrait and landscape mode.

If you are going to use the Bluetooth earpiece function, make sure that Bluetooth is turned off when you take the screenshots so that the status bar does not have the headset or Bluetooth icon showing.

These three screenshots will be stored in your photo gallery.

Tip: To take a screenshot on your iPhone press the Home and power buttons at the same time.

Now import these screenshot images into iTHUMP.


Start up Image: In the "Start up Image" section of "TOXIC+ Settings", tap the "Set" link, then give your permission for iTHUMP to access your PHOTOS then find the image of the desktop in your photo album. Tap the screenshot to load it into TOXIC+.

TIP: If you accidentally say "No" to the photo access prompt you wont be able to import graphics, and will have to go into your iPhone "Settings/Privacy/Photos/iTHUMP" and set it to "On" manually.

Calculator Images: Now load the "Portrait" and "Landscape" images the same way.

If you are using an iPad or an other device and find that the screenshots do not line up perfectly with the buttons in TOXIC+ you can try using some of the images from our custom images page.


Colour (Hex)

The colour (Hex) field allows you to change the colour of the block at the top part of the calculator to suit your needs. This coloured block covers the status bar and any number that was showing when you took the screenshots on your phone. This field should be automatically set for you based on the iOS of your iPhone.

For iOS10 and earlier:

When you import your graphics the first time, it will automatically be set to a "Dark Grey" i.e. Hex "202020" which is the colour used by the iOS Calculator app for iOS10 and earlier.

For iOS11 and later:
If you are using iOS11 the Colour (Hex) field will be set to  "000000" which would be pure black.

If you're device is running iOS11 but you wish to use the old iOS10 calculator then set the Colour (Hex) to "202020" dark grey.


Highlight keys when pressed

IMPORTANT: To add to the convincer for iOS10 and iOS11, make sure this switch is turned "ON",  TOXIC+ will highlight (turn grey iOS10) or animate (iOS11) the keys when pressed and also put a black border around the operator keys. It will also switch the "AC" key to "C" when numbers are entered.


Tap "Restore" to go back to the original graphics that came with TOXIC+.


Loading images from our "Custom graphics" page.

iPads do not normally have a native Calculator app so you wont be able to create your own screenshots, so I've created some suitable images for you to use. I've also added a Start up image with an iOS Calculator icon for both iOS10 and earlier or iOS11 styles.

If you have upgraded to iOS11 but want to continue using the iOS10 and earlier look, you can also download images for each size device.

If you have not upgraded to iOS11 but wish to use the new style calculator you can download iOS11 images here as well.

To load a custom image into your photo gallery, navigate to the customs graphics page using this link: http://www.toxicplus.com/custom.htm from your iPhone or iPad then tap on the graphic you wish to load then select "Save image..." button to save it to your gallery. Once the image(s) are saved to your gallery you can then load it into TOXIC+ as you would with any other screenshot.


Key click sounds

You can decide to turn the click sound on or off when a key is pressed. Normally this would be "ON" as the normal calculators click when keys are pressed. You could mute the sound but them you wouldn't be able to get any text to speech to your headset. With headset connected you wont get any click sounds via the iPhone speaker anyway as all sound will be directed to the Bluetooth earpiece.


Use screenshot status bar

This was a request due to the new feature from iOS10 where the Bluetooth icon in the status bar changed to a headset icon if a Bluetooth headset is in use. It was thought that this could tip to the spectator that a headset was being used.

This switch will hide the live status bar and reveal the status bar from your screenshot image by reducing the size of the solid coloured block at the top of the screen. It also overlays a small label that updates the current time.

So if this is important to you, make sure the headset icon isn't showing when you take your screenshots and set this switch "ON".

If you are using screenshots from our website, you may wish to import the screenshots, turn this Switch "OFF" then retake the screenshots with your own status bar showing then re-import the new screenshots again. That way you will have the correct Telephone provider showing for your location instead of Telstra the Australian provider..










TOXIC Plus can be used stand alone or connected to an Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad using the iTHUMP interface.


These instructions will concentrate on the TOXIC+ part of the app you can find more details specific to iTHUMP at www.ithump.com.au.









The first time you use TOXIC+ you will be presented with some short introduction screens. Take time to absorb the information as they will be shown only once. If you want to review them again, you can turn them on again using the switch at the bottom of the "TOXIC+ Settings" screen.

It's important to know how to exit the TOXIC+ screen as it has a special lock that is intended to stop a spectator getting back to the iTHUMP menu during a performance.

Exiting the TOXIC+ screen

IMPORTANT: To exit the TOXIC+ screen press and hold the "AC" or "C" button for 3 seconds with one finger (long touch).

TIP: It's important to remember that a "long touch" is a touch with only one finger. So if you're touching the screen with another finger or any other part of your hand at the time, then the iPhone may not recognize it as a "long touch" gesture. It may consider it as a "multi-touch".

Also don't move or slide the finger after you've started the long touch, otherwise it may be considered a "drag" gesture.

If it doesn't work the first time try again by lifting your finger then touching the "AC" button without moving it and with just one finger.







Keypad Images

The Blue or Orange keypad images that come with TOXIC+ are placeholder graphics as the iTHUMP app contains no images that would be subject to copyright or Intellectual property of Apple or any other party.

They are not pretty but they serve as an example so you can create more suitable images that suit your particular "style" and replace them with images of your own.

(See "Setting your custom graphics" above)

The TOXIC+ keypad screen is made to work like a standard smart phone calculator. The basic keypad on both the portrait and landscape views work the same way you would expect them to in a standard calculator app.

The special function keys on the landscape view have no underlying controls as the image is presented only as a convincer should your spectator rotate the phone during the performance. The standard calculator keys do work, it rotates and animates like a normal app would.

Some keys have additional purposes and are accessed by a "long touch" (muggle lock) so that the spectator should not accidentally activate those functions during normal operation. A "long touch" is a press of a key for more than 1 second with only one finger. (see "Exiting the TOXIC+ screen" above).

Those keys are:

  • - "AC" or "C" key - long press for 3 seconds to exit TOXIC+ and go back to the iTHUMP menu.
  • - "+/-" or "%" keys - long press to unlock the force selection, then short press repeatedly to select the next force number and view tips
  • - "0", ".' and "=" keys - long press to show the peek screen.
  • - "0", ".' and "=" keys - tap to hide peek screen if peek screen is showing and "Auto-hide peek on release" is "OFF"
  • - "0", ".' and "=" keys - long press and hold to show peek screen, if "Auto-hide peek on release" is "ON.
  • - "0" key - if "Show traits on zero long touch" is on the trait peek will be shown first. Then you can swipe right to show the regular peek.
  • - Left & Right top corners - long press to show peek screen
  • - Calculator text label - tap to either dial phone number or show copy/paste submenu
  • - Swipe the Calculator Text label left or right to clear the last digit entered
  • - "C" key clears only the last number entered
  • - "AC" key clears all numbers entered
  • - Long press the "" divide key will show the intended force number. This can be handy if something goes wrong and you end up with the wrong number at the end of the effect.
  • - Long press the "+" key to set the current Calculator Text as the Ad hoc force
  • - Long press the "-" key to replay the Text to Speech.
  • - Long press the "-" key when speech is playing will cancel the speech.
  • - Short press the "-" key while Text to Speech is playing will pause the speech. Tap when the speech is paused will resume speech.
  • - If the "Long Press Number Keys (1-9)" switch is on in the "Set Force..." screen, you can then long press keys 1- 9 to quickly switch to another force. This can be helpful for setting up a book test with multiple books.

Some of these keys can be configured in the TOXIC+ settings to further suit your style.









Selecting one of TOXIC+'s multiple force numbers

You can select a force number by "long touching" the "+/-" or "%" keys to unlock the selector then press again quickly to cycle through the list of force numbers. If you stop for more than 1 second the keys will "muggle lock" again so you will need to long press again to continue.

If the force number is blank then it will be skipped.

If you have "Show field tips after selection" switch in the "Toxic+ Settings" set to "ON" the list of fields needed and the number of fields before force will be shown for 2 seconds then the calculator will auto clear. If you press the "AC" or "C" key at anytime during this process the calculator will immediately clear "0" and stop all the underlying timers.

Number of operators

The force number will show when the required number of data items have been entered and the equals button is pressed. Each data item is stored when any of the operators are pressed i.e. +,-,x or / (divide).

Day "x" Month "x" Year "x" Postcode  = 4 data items.

You can press equals as many or as little times as you like during the process.

If you enter more than the required data items before the equals key is pressed then the Force number will be shown only when the equals key is next pressed.

If you continue to enter items after the force number has been shown, TOXIC+ will function like a normal calculator.

Peek Screens (Hotspots)

Each time the equals key is presses TOXIC+ will recalculate the peek screen information. You can display a peek screen by long touching one of the 5 hotspots on the TOXIC+ screen. You can define which of these hotspots are active and for how long you need to long touch in the TOXIC+ settings screen,

If "Auto hide peek on release" is turned on, the peek will hide when you take your finger off the hotspot button. If it is turned "OFF" then you can remove your finger from the hotspot and then tap anywhere on the screen to hide it later.

TIP: Once you decide which keys you prefer to use for peeking, I would suggest you turn all the others off so that a spectator does not accidentally see the peek screen by long pressing the wrong key.

HIDDEN FEATURE: So that you don't accidentally add a decimal point or an extra zero when long pressing one of the peek hotspot buttons, the "0", "." and "=" keys will be disabled (for short press) after the force number is shown unless TOXIC+ is cleared (AC or C key) or an operator (+,-,x,/) then a number key (1-9) is pressed.









TOXIC+ Settings Menu

TOXIC+ is highly configurable. Every performer is different so I have tried to provided as many options as possible so you can customise it's operation.
I'll try to add more in the future if they make the effect better.
After you have downloaded the iTHUMP app, go into the TOXIC+ settings and familiarise yourself with all the options.



Force Numbers

  • At the top of the TOXIC+ Settings page, tap the "Right arrow" next to "Set Force Numbers..."

    There are 10 fields available for pre-entering force numbers and currently eight more for special forces.

  • By pre-entering your most commonly used numbers you can quickly switch between forces and perform different routines in quick succession.

  • Having multiple stored forces is a feature that no other TOXIC effect on the market has at this time.
  • An example is pre-entered the first 9 numbers in the Mnemonica* stack. (4,2,7,3,4,6,1,5,9)
  • An example is pre-entered the first 9 numbers in the Aronson** stack. (1 (J),3 (K),5,2,9,1,3,6,8)
  • F3 - enter you own force number
  • F4 - enter you own force number
  • F5 - enter you own force number
  • F6 - enter you own force number
  • F7 - enter you own force number
  • F8 - enter you own force number
  • F9 - enter you own force number
  • F10 - enter you own force number
  • *See Juan Tamariz's book "Mnemonica" on his version of the stacked deck.
    **See Simon Aronson's book on his stacked deck - "Bound to Please".

    Force Number ideas:
  • You could force one of the above stacks then produce cards from a deck in order of the force number.
  • Use a lottery ticket and force that number.
  • Use a serial number of a bill.
  • Use barcodes on an item in plain view.
  • Use a predetermined number inside a box in plain view during your performance.
  • Use a custom list to calculate a page for a Book Test
  • Use TOXIC+ to force a phone number
  • Use it to force the current time and date
  • Use it to calculate a "magic number" in a numerology routine

Special Forces

There are a number of special force numbers that can be used for a variety of routines:

  • Facebook Force - used to return the spectator's Facebook profile.
    If you pre-enter a person's Facebook URL in the Facebook field, then at the end of the calculation TOXIC+ will display the words: "Facebook profile exists".
    By clicking on this text, TOXIC+ will open Facebook and redirect to their profile page.

    This can be used in a kind of "Big brother" routine especially with the upcoming release of the the new iOS11 calculator as nobody knows what it can do. A possible routine would be: "If you enter your birthday, postcode etc, you can use it to look up someone's Facebook profile."

    The Facebook profile should be entered in the following format:
    • facebook.com/<profilename>       e.g: facebook.com/ipidgeon

    where profile name is the name of the persons' facebook page. You can usually find this by visiting the "About" page on their Facebook profile and copying the name.

    The link that is pre-entered when you downloaded this app is a special link that will show the page of the current user (you) if you are logged into Facebook. 

i.e. facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363


  • Location Force - opens Google or Apple Maps to the current location.
  • Reserved - leave this one blank - it will be used to store the phone number during the location force.

    These two fields can be used for another "Big Brother" type routine. It could be suggested that there are secret features built into commonly used apps used by the government agencies to track down criminals (not a big stretch these days). By entering someone's phone number and unlock code (pin) in the calculator TOXIC+ can find their location.

    Just like "Find My iPhone" does but much simpler.
  • Part One - Location Force
    Have the spectator enter their phone number then multiply it by their PIN number then press equals. The text "Last known location" will be shown. When tapped TOXIC+ will open either Google maps or Apple maps (you can chose which one in TOXIC+ settings) to your phone's current location so it looks like it's found the location of their phone. In effect it's just opening the Maps app but totally believable.

    If the spectator doesn't want to enter their real PIN number say that you can enter a special access code that by-passes this check. (you can't tell them what it is of course).

    If you are using this inside it can be helpful to pre open Google or Apple maps and load the map for the area you are in. Move the screen over a couple of miles in any direction then you should get a nice animation as the pin moves to your location.
  • Part Two - Reserved field
    Now the "Reserved" field comes into play. After the location force, the phone number they entered during the location force is automatically set as the next force number and stored into the "Reserved" force.

    So you can immediately press "C" to clear the calculator and go into the next routine saying that it can also find information about the spectator online. If they enter the Day, Month, Year of birth, their house number and their postcode (zip) then when they press equals, it will search the online databases and try to find their phone number. All this will happen without you touching the phone.

    All the data will be stored into the "Log" for future reference and the data entered also available in the peek screens and via the earpiece if you have that activated.

    This could be like a "reverse phone number" search suggesting that all this information is recorded online and can easily be used to find information on people. It's all fake of course but creepily plausible in today's age.
  • This could be handy for pre-show work if a helper is just chatting with people before the show starts showing them something interesting that they may not be aware of or even a strolling magician doing some preshow effects.




  • No force - Used to record input with correct mathematical calculations instead of a force number, but it will still do all the background age, zodiac, & postcode calculations. This might be helpful in a Numerology routine, where you are creating their "Magic Number" or for use with custom lists where you want the final calculation to make sense.

    You will still be able to peek their entries and give very accurate cold readings

  • No Force - Custom Lists: You can now look up an item from one of your custom lists using the total value from the No Force effect. Enter the list number in the No Force/List# field and TOXIC+ will try to find an itme that matches the total value of it's calculation at the end of the effect.

    If you don't want to look up an item from a list just enter "0" in the List# field.



  • Date/Time force - enter any valid DateTimeFormat string and it will calculate and force the current date and time when the equals key is pressed. So there is no need to plan your effect to finish at a certain time, TOXIC+ will do it all for you.

    Also accepts +1, +2, + 3 etc modifiers to add 1, 2, 3 or more minutes to the current time.

    It's a good idea to enter the +1 as you are never sure it the time is going to roll over to the next minute before the reveal.

    The date format strings are listed on the bottom of the force screen. You can mix and match these codes to create a date or time in the format you require.


    • e.g. for Day, month, 2 digit year, hours (12 hour mode with no leading zero) and minutes enter ddMMyyhmm. 
      • would return "160917646" - for the 16th Sep 2017 @ 6:46pm


    • e.g. for Day, month, 2 digit year, hours (24h format) and minutes enter ddMMyyHHmm
      • would return "1609171846" - for the 16th Sep 2017 @ 6:46pm


    • e.g. for Month, day, 4 digit year, hours and minutes enter MMddyyyyHHmm
      • would return "91620171846" - for the 16th Sep 2017 @ 6:46pm


    • e.g. for Day, month, hours and minutes plus 2 minutes enter ddMMHHmm+2
      • would return "16091848" - for the 16th Sep 2017 @ 6:46pm (+2 minutes)



  • Ad hoc force - The Ad hoc force feature allows you to quickly store a new force number by entering it using the TOXIC+ keypad then long pressing the "+" key instead of having to go into the settings screen. The fields or data items required to be entered will be those you set for the Ad hoc force.

    You can also remotely set an Ad hoc force number from iTHUMP by prefixing any number with a "#" hash symbol then pressing Thump/Send. e.g. #12345678.


  • You can change the prefix character (Ad hoc force modifier) to something else if you need to at the bottom of the iTHUMP settings page.



  • Confederate force - The Confederate force allows you to enter a force number and have TOXIC+ calculate and display the remainder needed to reach the force number.

Example effect:
You decide on a number to force and enter it into the Confederate force field. You enter a value into all fields (all fields have a pre-entered value from 1 to 10) so the force is never shown and you can stop anywhere along the way.
You use a device running TOXIC+ and have a confederate also using a device with TOXIC+ with the same confederate force number set. You can write all the numbers used on a white board so everyone can follow along.

You have everyone in the audience take out their smart phone and follow along with their own calculator. Just to keep things honest. :-)

You ask the first two spectators for some numbers that are particular to them. For example they call out the day and the month they were born. (2411 - 24th Nov and 2010 - 20th Oct). You add or multiply these two numbers together then press equals key. Everyone in the audience including your confederate enters the same info.

Once the equals key is pressed TOXIC+ will show an "extra label" with the numbers you need to Add, Multiply, or if you've past the force number what you need to Subtract to get back to it.

Your confederate can call out this number when asked to complete the calculation.

When the force number is reached the "extra label" will be cleared.

You will be able to see the number needed on TOXIC+ or via the iTHUMP peek screen so you can ask for a number with as many digits as needed.

The Confederate Force was a suggestion from Mark Chandaue (UK).

My two cents...

If the number is really big, you could have two confederates call out 4 numbers each to make a large eight digit number if needed.

There is really no limit to the number of confederates you can use.

If you know some information about one of the (non-confederate) spectators  in advance, you could subtract this number from the final number needed before the show then use your confederate(s) second to last, finally using the unknowing spectator for the final number.

This could make it very hard for anyone to backtrack.

Hide Confederate Total

With this switch you can hide the Confederate total from the calculator screen but still access the calculations in the peek screens and also the Bluetooth earpiece.

Peek Screen and Text To Speech Lists

There are two items in the peek screen and text to speech lists that are used with the Confederate Force.

  • - Confederate (+/-)
  • - Confederate (x)

The Confederate (+/-) item will show the number you need to add or subtract from the current total to reach your force number.

The Confederate (x) item will show the number you need to multiply from the current total to reach your force number. As this number is normally a long decimal number you may not want to include this in your text to Speech list.





Replacement force - The Replacement Force allows you to specify the trailing n digits of a force number. If you wish to have a number that is a more realistic length based on the calculation and only want to force the last 4 digits for example.

if you were to set the Replacement Force to "1234" and the calculation resulted in a number like "5179456" TOXIC+ would replace the last four digits to return "5171234".

This was a suggestion from Thanh Long Bach (FRA).











Long Press Number Keys (1-9) - Turn this switch on to allow the quick setting of force numbers by long pressing any of the number keys from 1 - 9. This can be helpful when using multiple books in a book test. You can perform a long press to quickly and secretly set the correct book chosen before handing the spectator the calculator.




Force Fields

Return to the TOXIC+ Settings page and scroll down to the force fields section. Have a quick read of the three bullet points regarding these fields.

Use the up or down arrows to scroll through the 16 force numbers. For each number you can enter up to 10 data items that will prompt you on the type of information you are planning to collect. There are a number of special keywords that you can enter to instruct TOXIC+ to calculate the date of birth, birth year and or zodiac information.

You can collect up to three separate birthdays in the one session. See the "Multiple Birthdays" section below.

Take care to spell them correctly with the same capitalization so the program can be sure to find them.

If a field contains "Postcode", "Zip" or "Zipcode" it will try to calculate the city name for you. (this requires a network connection. If there is no connection it will skip over it.)

This should work for any country that has a numeric postal code so not for countries like Canada and the UK.


Day, Day1, Day2 or Day3
Month, Month1, Month2 or Month3
Year, Year1, Year2 or Year3
Age, Age1, Age2 or Age3
Postcode or Zip or Zipcode
Custom Lists: Example: Starters, Sides, Entrees, Harry Potter or Top40

Show field tips after selection:

If this option is turned on, you will be reminded of the fields required after you select the force number in TOXIC+. more on that later.




Multiple Birthdays

You can collect the birthdays from multiple spectators during the one performance using our multiple birthday feature.

You can collect either the Day & Month, the Day, Month & Year or the Day, Month & Age.

If you collect Day & Month, the star sign, element and character traits can be derived.

If you collect Day, Month & Year, it can calculate the star sign, element, character trait as well as Age, and the day of the week they were born.

If you collect Day, Month and Age it will calculate the start sign, element, character trait, as well as birth year and the day of the week they were born.

If you collect multiple birthdays it will calculate all the above information for each of the spectators.

For the first spectator you can enter either Day, Month, Year or Age or Day1,Month1,Year1 or Age1 in the fields list.

For the second spectator you can enter Day2, Month2, Year2 or Age2

For the third spectator you can enter Day3, Month3, Year3 or Age3.

At the end of the effect the peek screen will include the calculations for each of the spectators and you can swipe left to show the traits for each spectator as well.

The Apple Watch will show the same information as well as each of the traits.

The Bluetooth earpiece will speak all the separate details to you based on which items you have selected in the "Text to Speech" section of the settings page.

See video for further explanation.










Connection password (for iPhone and iPad)

The connection between iPhones and iPads uses Multipeer Connectivity via Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi.

I have found that Bluetooth alone is the most reliable. it has a maximum range up to 30m (100ft).

If you are on a Wi-Fi network make sure you both are on the same one and that either device doesn't try to switch to another network during your performance.

The connection will negotiate with any iPhone/iPad/iPod touch that is running the iTHUMP app and has the same connection password set, so if you are performing around other magicians it may be safer to change the "Connection Password" to something unique to you.

The "password" can be any word using standard characters e.g. A-Z or a-z. Don't include any special characters or spaces or leading numbers.
The default is set to: "toxicplus".

If you use an invalid character you will need to fix it before continuing as the entry field has validation before you can continue.

Make sure that both devices are using the same word.

If you want to use multiple sets of iTHUMP at the one time, set each pair with a different "Connection Password" and they can operate independently of each other.

While it is possible to have more devices connected to each other using Mulitpeer Connectivity the connection iTHUMP is designed to only allow two devices to connect reliably at a time. If you try to connect more they will start fighting each other and will result in failed connections.

So set your own unique passwords.






Apple Watch Thumper Controls

IMPORTANT: When using the Apple Watch with TOXIC+ or iTHUMP, open the apple watch app first before going into the iTHUMP or TOXIC+ screens to make sure the watch connects successfully to the app.

The Apple Watch Control specifies which device is the controller for the iTHUMP interface.
It has no effect on the TOXIC+ app.

You can specify which device does the thumping and which one does the receiving or both.

The default would be "iPhone where the Apple Watch just receives data from iTHUMP.

There may be times when you want the Apple Watch to be in control.

Show Apple Watch Keypad

If the Apple Watch or Both are selected and the "Show Apple Watch keypad" is turned on the apple watch will have the entire keypad showing. I found this a little cumbersome with big fingers but if people can use it then let me know I may develop this part more.

If the "Show Apple Watch keypad" is turned "OFF" then only the "Thump" button will appear on the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Vibration

If you don't want the Apple Watch to thump (Haptics) you can turn "Apple Watch Vibrations" off here.

Show Refresh Button

With this switch turned on the Apple Watch will show a "Refresh" button on it's screen. When pressed the Apple Watch will send a message to the iPhone to request that the last message that was sent be resent. This may be helpful if the Apple Watch goes to sleep and misses a message. When the Apple Watch wakes it will also automatically send a request for a resend of the last message. You should feel a Haptic thump when this occurs.

Apple Watch Font Sizes

You can specify the size of the font on the Apple Watch for both long and short messages. If you have good eye sight you can make the long messages font size smaller say 15 (points) or 18 (points) so you can have more information on the screen without scrolling.

Alternatively you can make the short messages bigger 70 (points) or 80 (points) if you want the font bigger and easier to see.





City Search functions & Location force

If a force field contains the title "Post"  or "Zip", or "Postcode" or "ZipCode" then TOXIC+ will try to search for the city or cities associated with that post code.

This will only work for countries that have numeric postal codes, sorry UK and Canada.

For it to return a much smaller set of results it is important that you set the "Country Code for City Search:" field for the country you are in or that the spectator lives. From V2.0 this will be initially set to the country your device is set to. If this is incorrect you should manually set it by clicking the field then select the country of choice from the picker control then press "Done".

The City search requires an internet connection. If you don't have internet it will just skip the search and no City info will be displayed on your peek screens. I think you could have a lot of fun if used casually.

Like you're from California? I'm going to be in California in a few weeks.

Oh really.. yeah do you know where "Rancho Cucamonga" is?

On second thoughts that sounds creepy.

Location force

At the end of the location force when you tap the "Last known location" text on the TOXIC+ screen, TOXIC+ will open up either Google maps or Apple Maps to your current location. This is a bit of a cheat, but again can be a bit of fun. (see Location force above)

If you are performing inside it might be better to open Google Maps or Apple Maps to a nearby location when you are outside so when the pin drops it animates quickly to your current position without delay.

Note: You will need an internet connection for this part to work.

To return to the TOXIC screen after Google maps is shown double click the iPhone Home button and reselect iTHUMP.

Be aware that when you do this the iTHUMP icon (instead of the iOS Calculator icon) may be showing on the top of the window so turn the screen away slightly yet casually if your spectator is the suspicious type.





Tap on Calculation Result

This was a bit of business that may not be very logical, but it's there if anyone wants to use it. I remember using TOXIC to force my phone number on a spectator's phone then I would get them to copy and paste the number into their phone app and dial the number.

This setting allows you do the same thing as you would with the standard calculator app. you can tap on the force number and the copy/paste submenu will appear. then select copy, and go over to the phone app to dial.

Then I thought why not just dial the number so I added that.

I know it's no longer logical because it's your phone and not there's but you could still do the "Find your sole mate" routine and a force the grooms number and have the bride dial the groom. Anyway...see what you can use it for.




Peek Controls

The peek was the first thing I added to TOXIC+ when it was created. This was the feature to set it apart from the other methods.

Being able to gain peeks of the data entered without the knowledge of the spectator gives the magician a powerful advantage.

Now with the addition of Apple Watch, iPhone/iPad connectivity and Bluetooth Headsets you can get this information without even touching the calculator.

For those times when you want to use TOXIC+ standalone, you can set up the peek control keys how you want them.

I would suggest you only activate the one you normally use and then adjust the time in seconds that you want to "long touch" the key. You want it to be long enough that the spectator cannot accidentally find the peek, and short enough that you can get the peek without staring at the screen for too long.

Auto hide peek on release

The Auto Hide on release feature allows you to choose if you want it to hide when you lift your finger from the key or whether you want it to stay and then tap anywhere on the screen to dismiss it later. This can provide a bit more casual-ness to the peek as you can bring it up and then take your time to look at it while handling the phone very naturally.

Tip: If "Auto Hide" is turned on you will not be able to use access the traits as the peek will hide before you can gesture a swipe.

Invert Peek Screens

This switch will invert the colours of the peek screen. It will be initially set based on the iOS version of your device. If you are running iOS10 or earlier it will be set "OFF" so the peek screen will be light grey with black text. For iOS11 and later it will be initially set "ON" so the peek screen will be black with white text.

You can change it yourself to suit your preferences.

Show traits on zero long touch

There may be times you want to get straight to the Traits screen without having to swipe left. If this switch is "ON" and you long press the "0" zero key, the Traits peek will be shown first then you can swipe Right to see the normal peek screen.

Peek Screen Item List

You can now define which items you want to include in the peek screens for TOXIC+, iTHUMP and Apple Watch.

by clicking the "Add item..." list item at the bottom of the table you can choose from a list of items to add.




  •  - add blank line -
  •  - speech pause -
  • Zodiac
  • Zodiac #1
  • Zodiac #2
  • Zodiac #3
  • ChineseZodiac
  • ChineseZodiac #1
  • ChineseZodiac #2
  • ChineseZodiac #3
  • Age
  • Age #1
  • Age #2
  • Age #3
  • DaysSinceBirth
  • DaysSinceBirth #1
  • DaysSinceBirth #2
  • DaysSinceBirth #3
  • DayOfWeek
  • DayOfWeek #1
  • DayOfWeek #2
  • DayOfWeek #3
  • Birthdate
  • Birthdate #1
  • Birthdate #2
  • Birthdate #3
  • Traits
  • Traits #1
  • Traits #2
  • Traits #3
  • ChineseTraits
  • ChineseTraits #1
  • ChineseTraits #2
  • ChineseTraits #3
  • City
  • Calculation TOtal
  • Force Number (n)
  • Confederate Total
  • NoForceListItem
  • All Fields
  • Field 1
  • Field 2
  • Field 3
  • Field 4
  • Field 5
  • Field 6
  • Field 7
  • Field 8
  • Field 9
  • Field 10

  Custom Lists

This was an idea from our iTHUMP User Group Member - Kevin van Hoof from the Netherlands.

It allows you to define a list of items and assign a unique value to each item and when you enter the value into TOXIC+ it will look up the item associated with that value.

There are a number of examples provided"

  • Three pages of a restaurant menu (Starters, Sides & Entrees)
  • The first 100 pages of a book test (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)
  • The American TOP 40 song list
  • 15 additional blank lists

Restaurant Menu

A sample restaurant menu with three sections, Starters, Sides and Entrees each with unique prices within their sections.

In the TOXIC+ Settings Screen you will find a arrow to "Edit custom lists". Click that arrow.

There are 20 custom lists that you can use and modify to suit your needs. Give each of your lists a unique name so that you can refer to them later.

Enter the items into each list making sure that each number value is unique and in the following format:

<price>|<Item name>
<price>|<item name>

Important note: There should be no spaces following any of the fields. The pipe character "|" should directly follow the price. There is no validation on these fields so take care to get it right.

e.g. 2.50|Soup

not 2.50 | Soup

Where <price> is the number value that will be entered, the pipe character as a field separator, then the <item value> to be returned followed by a carriage return (new line character).

Make sure the decimal symbol is the one used for your local, so for English systems use a "." decimal point or for European systems use a "," comma.

Then once your lists have been defined, you can use the list name in any of your force fields, for any of the 17 forces.

Just make sure you enter the exact custom list name otherwise it wont be able to find it.

If you want to have the item spoken to you add include that "Field#" in the "Text to Speech" list.

Watch the video of more detailed explanation. You can save and print this sample menu from your PC.


Book test

I have entered the first word (that are longer than 4 characters) for the first 100 pages from my copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" as an example of using iTHUMP and TOXIC+ for a book test. I didn't enter every page as it's likely that different copies of the book will be formatted differently. It won't take too long to type up a list, on your computer and email it to you iPhone. You can then create a list for any number of books you own.

The idea here would be to have the total of a TOXIC+ routine end up being a page number in a book. For example you could setup the No Force force to collect: day1 + month1 + day2 + month2  (e.g. 31+12+31+12=86) from two spectator's in your audience. 

In the Force fields screen you pre-enter list # 4 in the "No Force/List#" field for "No Force".

  • Force Number Screen:     
    No Force/List#:       No Force       4

In you field list you would enter:

  • Field 1: Day1
  • Field 2: Month1
  • Field 3: Day2
  • Field 4: Month2

This will instruct TOXIC+ to look up the total value in List#4 which is our Harry Potter Custom list. Then after the equals key is pressed it would total the entered numbers up to a maximum of 86 and return the word for that page. Page 86 = "mention". You get that word in your peek screens and via your Bluetooth earpiece.

You can also access the lists using a special modifier from iTHUMP. If you enter <list#>$<item number> then press "Thump/Send" iTHUMP will look up the list and send it to your earpiece or other iTHUMP interface.

e.g. "4$86" for list 4, item 86 would also send the word "mention" to iTHUMP.


I have pre-entered into List#5 the songs and artists from the American Top 40 list (1st November 2017). You could have one or more people choose a song and enter the number from the list to come up with a number.

Multiple Lists

You can use multiple items from multiple lists as items in your TOXIC+ routine. You could have someone enter their birth date (day/month/year), and another spectator enter a page number of a book and a third pick a song from a top 40 list displayed on a screen.

In you field list you would enter:

  • Field 1: Day
  • Field 2: Month
  • Field 3: Year
  • Field 4: Harry Potter
  • Field 5: Top40

Using Custom Lists from iTHUMP

You can also access custom lists from iTHUMP. By using the Custom list modifier <list#>$<list item>.

See the iTHUMP website for more details.


Remove extra CRs

If you send a custom list to your device using email, you may find the email software adds extra lines between each item. After you have pasted the list into iThump, you can click the "Remove extra CRs" button to remove those extra unnecessary lines.




             Right click on the menu graphic to download to your computer to print.










    Book test using - Oxford English Mini Dictionary (ISBN 978-0-19-964096-6)

    If you can find a copy of the Oxford English Mini Dictionary in your local book store or online, you can use this Custom List file and copy and paste the list into one of iThump's Custom Lists.

    The custom list file contains the first and last word on all pages of the dictionary.


      Star Signs, Chinese Star Signs and Traits

    You can edit the star sign names and the positive and negative traits to suit your preference. You can also change the text to your own language if other than English.

    Click the right arrow to show the "Star Sign" screen.

    Use the up/down arrows to cycle through each star sign and edit the star sign and traits as needed. Your edits will be saved when you move to the next sign or exit the screen.

    If using a Bluetooth headset the Star Sign and Traits text will be read in the voice based on your device's language setting.





    Maximum Digits

    This was another pet peeve with the standard TOXIC method. The standard calculator app had a limit of 10 digits on the portrait screen and 16 when turned landscape. If a number was longer than the 10 digit limit it would show as a scientific formatted number e.g. 1.52414e+10 instead of 15,241383936.

    Australian mobile phone numbers are 10 digits but start with a zero so the only way to have it display correctly was to add a decimal point after the first zero so then it was an 12 digit number.

    Also if I wanted to force a barcodes from a product on the table for instance they often had 12 or more digits.

    So this feature allows you to set the maximum number of digits so you can show these long force numbers without having to rotate the screen and without it becoming a scientific number.

    I usually set the Max digits Portrait to 16 and the Landscape to 21.




    Text to Speech

    You can have Toxic+ speak the entries via a Bluetooth ear piece so you don't have to touch the phone at the end to get a peek.

    I have found a tiny Bluetooth earpiece that is perfect for use with TOXIC+ available via eBay.

    Text to Speech

    Turn this switch on to allow the Text to Speech to be heard. If you don't have a headset connected it will speak out of the iPhone speaker so be aware.

    Speed slider

    You can adjust the speed of the Text to Speech by moving the slider. It should be initially set at the recommended setting.

    Use English Voice

    This switch can be used if your device is set to a language other than English yet you want TOXIC+ to speak in English. This overrides the language setting just for the iTHUMP and TOXIC Plus apps. If your device is set to English this may also change the English voice from Male to Female or visa versa.


    Separate long numbers

    Turn this switch on if you would prefer long numbers (default: over 9999) to be broken up into single digits when spoken instead of "Eight Billion, four hundred & ninety eight million, 2 hundred and thirty four thousand, four hundred and ninety eight" it will say "8 4 9 8 2 3 4 4 9 8"

    You can now specify the limit for when numbers get separated. The default is 9999 so you can enter any number. if you enter "0" zero then all numbers will be spoken separately.


    Speech to Text list

    You can define the data items that you want TOXIC+ to speak. This Table List operates the same as the Peek Screen list, so define which fields you want for each force number.

    The "All fields" and "Fields1 - Fields 10" items will speak the value as they are entered.  If you enter a field that is set up to take a Custom List, then TOXIC+ will lookup that item and speak it if a matching item is found.

    Use the "Add Item..." line to bring up a the field picker. Swipe left to delete, use the "Reorder" button to re-arrange the list then Save to store it. Watch the video for more information.


    Use screenshot status bar (above)

    If you are using a Bluetooth earpiece the status bar will show a headset icon when one is connected. This seems to be a new feature from iOS10. If you don't want to see this headset icon in the status bar then see the "Use screenshot status bar" item above.

    When you took the portrait screenshot the status bar was included. Normally this status bar is covered by a black box (see Colour Hex above). If you chose the "Use screenshot status bar, TOXIC+ will move this box down so the status bar is showing, turn off the real status bar and also add a label that covers and updates the clock.







    Show TOXIC+ Info screens again

    So you are not having to swipe through all the initial info screens that pop up the first time you sue the app, they are set to run only once.

    If you want to see them again, turn this switch on. It will turn off again once you have swiped through them again on entering TOXIC+.


    Load Toxic+ first

    You can use this switch to have TOXIC+ load first when you click the "iThump" app icon on your phone. This will by-pass the main menu on loading and go straight to the startup screen for Toxic+.

    To get back to the Main Menu and other functions just press and hold on the "AC" button as you normally would to get out of TOXIC+.


    Clear and Reset User Settings

    If you need to reset your settings back to the factory defaults for any reason. Click this button and confirm.

    This is to save you deleting and re-installing the app from the App Store. All settings and screenshots will be cleared.





    The iTHUMP "Easter Egg" - Some things I do just for fun.

    If you click on the "hairy P" on the  iTHUMP Logo on the main menu screen you can have some fun "Thumping Trump".



      Well that's it for now. Let me know if anything is not clear enough and I'll add some more explanation or a short video.

    Feel free to join our Facebook user group for tips on using TOXIC+ and either private message me on Facebook or email support@toxicplus.com for easier communication.

    I hope you enjoy using this app. It's been a lot of work and it is there to be used, so go have some fun and let us all know what you come up with.


    Disclaimer: This is intended for entertainment purposes only.

    By downloading and using this app you agree to use it for this sole purpose.

    The collection & use of personal information for other reasons could constitute a criminal offence.

    I accept no responsibility for any misuse by others.




    These instructions, the app and features of TOXIC+ and iTHUMP are protected under copyright.
    2017 - Ian Pidgeon - All rights reserved.

    TV, Video and YouTube rights reserved.

    Please do not perform on TV or post on YouTube without prior permission. Tell your magician friends about iTHUMP

    and please give it a good rating on the App Store or magic web sites.