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What is TOXIC+:

Toxic+ is a native iPhone/iPad app that is part of the iTHUMP Magic App. Perfect for stage or close up performances.

It's a full featured Magic Calculator that can be made to look exactly the way you want it to  (by importing your own screenshots as the background) and can be used to perform amazing feats of mind reading, prediction and mentalism.

It handles just like a regular calculator but allows you to force the result of the calculation more efficiently than any other method. It allows you to setup multiple force numbers to be used and selected them easily and quickly. It set out to solves all the downfalls of the classic TOXIC force and in the end has provided so much more functionality than even I imagined.

It stores all the information your spectator enters and transmits the numbers as well as all derived information like birthday, age, year of birth, Zodiac, Chinese Zodiac, character traits for Zodiac and Chinese Zodiac, day and date of birth, days since birth and which celebrities were born on the same day to your Apple Watch, another iPhone or iPad, PeekSmith 1 and 2 or even a hidden Bluetooth earpiece. You can even collect and reveal multiple people's birthdays/ zodiac signs/celebrities all in the same performance.

Don't worry if you don't have an extra iOS device or Apple Watch it can be used just as well stand alone with the one iPhone or iPad.

If a numeric zip code is entered it can return the city where the spectator lives, use any number entered to look up values in up to 20 custom lists or they can be used for book tests informing you of the first word or multiple words on a page of virtually any book.

You can define the type of data to be collected for each of the 10 custom forces as well as the several special forces.

It can even calculate and automatically enter numbers required to reach your predetermined force number.

There is a Calendar Confabulation built in to the app which automatically enters derived information into a custom prediction into your iOS Calendar with settings to store it on today's listing or even on the spectator's actual birthday.

Using the iTHUMP remote interface, Apple Watch or hidden Bluetooth earpiece you are able to receive all information entered and create mind blowing cold readings and predictions without the need to look at or touch the iPhone used for entry.

Apart from being a remote display for TOXIC+, iTHUMP is also a full featured remote messaging tool for THUMPing vibrations, verbal and visual messages during your performance.

The app is highly customisable so you create virtually unlimited types of effects.

Compatible with all iOS devices* running iOS9.0 and above from iPhone 6S through to iPhone 11 & most iPads.

Compatible (via In App Purchase) with Prevision, Prevision 2.0, Cesaral C.U.P.P., Inject 2.0, Flitch.me and PeekSmith, PeekSmith 2.0 and some other Bluetooth devices.

Also works with all* Apple Watches and hidden Bluetooth Earpieces that connect to an iPhone.

* Subject to change and Apple's minimum iOS restrictions.


Toxic+ Quick Start Guide:

Get your head around the basic features of TOXIC+.
Updated 13/5/2020 V2.4.7 - 52 mins


Introduction: 0:00
Initial Setup: 3:30
Custom Graphics: 6:42
Enter Force Numbers: 10:45
Enter Data Fields: 16:09
Enter Peek Screen Items: 25:46
The Toxic+ Calculator: 36:16




  • iTHUMP

  • Using the iTHUMP messaging tool and remote display  






Download Instructions:

You can purchase and download iTHUMP through the App Store. Open the App Store app on your iPhone and search for iTHUMP. The app costs US$59.99 or the local equivalent based on Apple's published exchange rate plus any applicable taxes. Alternatively you can click the following link from your iPhone and it will open the App Store App and find iTHUMP for you.

You can Install iTHUMP on as many devices as you like that are linked to your iTunes Account. It will work on all devices from iPhone 4s through iPhone X and all iPads running iOS8 or higher.




What is the classic TOXIC force?

The "TOXIC" force was a classic number force using a scientific calculator. It was originally a trick used by mathematicians before being shown to magicians in the 1980's. By entering the number you wish to force, then typing "+" then "0" then "x" then "(" (bracket) you can have the spectator multiply some numbers and the result will always be the force number. Basically, this TOXIC formula is just adding zero to the force number.

i.e. Force number + (0 x (the numbers entered by spectator)) = Force number

There are a number of variations of the classic effect credited to John Cornelius, Bob King (who gave it's name TOXIC), Richard Busch, Richard Osterlind, David Altman (Compleat Magik 1990 - Nth Degree ), Nic Einhorn and more recently recently Shawn Farquar's TOXICO, Gerante Clarke's Non-TOXIC and around the same time iTHUMP/TOXIC+ was released, Ellusionist started selling a lesser featured web app named Cipher.

The iThump/TOXIC+ Magic App takes the classic TOXIC effect to a whole new level with the addition of Apple Watch, iPhone/iPad connectivity and speaking the entries to you via a Bluetooth earpiece. The ability to combine the force with multiple forces, custom lists and deriving data from the information entered allows for effects not previously possible with any other versions. Through the collaboration of it's USER Group it has continued to develop into a truly professional tool for mentalists and magicians alike.



View Log

Every time you use TOXIC+ it will log all the peek data to the log file. You can edit copy paste and email any the log data to yourself to use it as you please.

It may be helpful when collecting multiple information for preshow to make extra notes along with the log data.

You can also screen shot sections o the screen if you want to be able to find it easily at a later time.

Clear Log

Clears all the log data. You will be asked to confirm first





Facebook User Group:

Click the Facebook button and join the iTHUMP/TOXIC+ User Group for community, tips and tricks and routine ideas.

More information about updates and additional features.

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iTHUMP/Toxic+ User Group



If you need any help at all feel free to email me at support@ithump.com.au.

Or join the User Group or we can chat on Facebook Messenger.

If you think your question will require more that a simple answer, or if it's something that the whole user group doesn't need to know, feel free to use a private facebook message, then we can have a private chat or free phone call and we don't need to fill up the user group with unnecessary back and forth.

If we are not already Facebook friends you can try messaging me and also leave a "Check your PM" message on the User Group and I'll delete it after we've chatted.

I'm happy to chat or help you with even the smallest details if you are having trouble understanding the written instructions.

Note that I am normally based in Sydney, Australia so if I don't answer immediately it's probably because I'm asleep (rarely) or on a plane, driving, or talking with someone else.

I will reply as soon as I possibly can.




An iTHUMP Easter Egg

Some things I do just for fun.

If you click on the "hairy P" on the  iTHUMP Logo on the main menu screen you can have some fun "Thumping Trump".

I hope it won't upset any users who are Trump fans...but then again :-)






These instructions, the app and features of TOXIC+ and iTHUMP are protected under copyright. 
Copyright 2017 - Ian Pidgeon - All rights reserved.

To be used for entertainment purposes only.

TV, Video and YouTube rights reserved.
Please do not perform on TV or post on YouTube without prior permission

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